Mole Removal Clinic

Suspected moles in adults should be examined by a doctor

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Full Body Skin Check for 2 - £195

Examining all moles on both people, from head to toe, by a trained nurse to look for any that are out of the ordinary and might be signs of skin cancer.

Full Body Mole Mapping for 2 - £295

In order to detect any new or changing moles that may be a warning sign of skin cancer, dermatologists recommend "head-to-toe" photographic monitoring. Full-Body Skin Check Included.

Pre-Procedure Consultation - £150

In most cases, we can arrange a Pre-Procedure Consultation with a ‘fee guaranteed’ doctor within only a few days if a Potiere Clinic nurse or your own GP has examined a mole for probable skin cancer.

The doctor will examine the mole and determine whether or not it has to be removed, and if so, he or she will discuss the proposed process and expenses, recuperation, expected outcomes, meeting your expectations, risks, and problems, as well as the possible outcomes.

In most cases, a mole biopsy technique may be performed right away if the patient wishes to proceed with the operation. It usually takes around 30 minutes for the consultation and procedure to be completed.

Pre-Procedure Consultation costs £150 for self-pay patients, and our extra procedure fees, which are only due if you opt to proceed, are detailed below.

It took me two months to get an appointment for a hospital check-up. ' Thereafter, I had to wait two hours before I was finally seen by an employee. "I should have gone to The Potiere Clinic."

Mole Biopsy Procedure Costs - starting as $445 per sample

Consult with your doctor to determine which form of biopsy is appropriate for your mole.

  • Shave Biopsy – £445 including pathology.
  • It costs £595, which includes pathology.
  • The cost of a second biopsy (during the same session) is $125.

Histopathology reports from Unilabs, the premier histopathology laboratory in the UK are included with all mole biopsies.

The findings of a biopsy are often ready in a few of days.

If your insurance coverage covers the treatment, you should not be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses. Cryopen Service UK

What Our Clients Say

Because the nurse was so knowledgeable and thorough in her examination of me, I was reassured that she had checked every part of my body. I plan on returning each year.
Cecile Emeke
Professionalism at its finest. The material provided was good, and the presentation was clear and concise. Gentleness and respect. I was blown away by the clinic's service and care.
Keith Stanfield
The process is simple and straightforward, and a detailed report is provided.
Griffin Freeman
Excellent customer service, from start to finish. Exceptional dedication. A friendly staff.
Myra Lucretia