Our Mission

Our goal is to reduce the death toll from skin cancer in the United Kingdom by finding and treating it early. In order to do this, we create and provide novel, high-quality screening services to the general public and the NHS GPs in the United Kingdom.

40,000 private and NHS patients benefit from our services each year, and we find countless life-threatening skin cancers, virtually all of which are caught early enough to be curable.

Our Recognition

BUPA Recognised

Approved by Alliance Surgical & VitalityHealth

Approved NHS Suppliers

Approved by the British Skin Foundation

Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance

Our Patients

The vast majority of our patients are satisfied with the results we achieve.

This year we expect to see approximately 10,000 one-on-one meetings with patients.

Our doctors received an average score of 9.7 out of 10 from the 911 patients who filled out surveys.

Only two complaints were filed against us, and neither of them were upheld.

Our Ethos

We’re usually like this:.

To put the patient first, treat everyone equally, freely and honestly.

Assist the team by giving excellent training and support to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care.

abide by the highest standards of performance and safety set out by the UK Clinical Guidelines.

Innovate with new technologies to enhance treatment results and patient satisfaction.

Our Doctors

Myra Hudson

Alex Miller

Rebecca Lissner

Rob Manson